Big Sandy is a switch-hitting, bar bouncing bitch!

Tum Tum
That was the best quote from today's sixty-six mile ride, compliments of my friend, Adam.  A few weeks ago, Erica, a pal of mine asked me to ride the Lilac 66 miler with her + run for 25 minutes afterwards.  Since I'm a sucker and a dumbass, I said yes.  Until this morning, the longest ride I had ever rode my bike was 60 miles and that was last season.  Anyway, I ended up being glad that I was doing the ride, because on Wednesday night after slurping two/too many cocktails, I signed up for my first 1/2 IM: Troika.  So, obviously I need to get out and ride long.
 The crew at the best aid station, they even had chocolate no-bakes, yum :)
Well, as Erica, Adam, Jen and I were rolling along the first few miles we kept talking about our first climb, up Big Sandy.  Eventually, Adam told us that every time I said "Big Sandy" he pictured this switch-hitting, bar bouncing, big-ass bitch!  Hilarious.  And you know what?  She wasn't that bitchy today.  The hill that we didn't know about out in buttfuckingegypt wasn't quite as pleasant though.  As anyone who knows me knows, I have NO sense of direction.  So, I'd love to explain where this 2.5-3 mile hill was, but I have no idea.  I'm guessing somewhere near Reardan or Mule Days or Steve's former home :).
 A sky view from the bridge at Deep Creek
The weather and company for the ride could not have been more ideal.  We didn't kill ourselves out there, trying to ride the mileage in a certain time or race each other.  It was just a solid way to enjoy the beautiful, sunny morning, get in some necessary miles and spend time with really lovely people.
 Erica, Jen & Adam