Swim, Wash, Rinse, Condition, Repeat.

On the power cords, for "Fun Friday."
I know.  I've been a bad blogger lately.  As I predicted in an earlier post, life is busy and just keeps on getting busy-er.  Like you, I have lots of happenings in my life to occupy my time.  Family, friends, working, coaching track, training, church(ing), eating and not nearly enough sleeping have been keeping me on my toes and in my swimsuit, daily.

Last tri season, I had fairly solid races as a local age-group athlete.  But...my swim was LACKING, lagging, way behind my competition.  Can't tell you how discouraged I was at times and how often I felt like quitting the swim and taking up duathlon.  However, I am very fortunate that some of my teammates (also dear friends) and husband encouraged me not to give up swimming.  They also didn't push me and tell me what to do.  For me, that's key.  I am admittedly a stubborn person and I like to push myself, in my own time, on my own terms (don't we all?).
Thanks to Jessi for taking the swim pics of me!
In April when our masters swim practices switched from late night sessions on M-W-F to early morning on Monday-Friday, I decided that I would seriously go to work on that crappy swim of mine.  I'm a month into the five-days-a-week program (6 days including open-water swims on Sunday:) and finally noticing some improvements in my form, power and speed in the water.  I'm still a huge work in progress.  I am dedicated, motivated and adamant that I will become a better, faster, stronger swimmer.

Technique and skills that I am working on in the water=>
  • a strong, powerful & long pull
  • a solid catch followed by high elbows, IN the water
  • streamlined & balanced body position
  • a steady, efficient, from the hips flutter kick - with a "thump!"
  • rotating rather than wiggling ;)
  • increasing my distance per stroke
  • finishing my release phase, each stroke
See?  I have MUCH to do to improve. 

Amidst swimming my arms off, I am also biking and running aplenty.  I have a few sprint and Olympic distance triathlons on my race calendar and my very first half ironman race slated for August 1st at Troika.  Wish me well toward my goals, and best wishes that you accomplish all of yours!