Lately.  In bullets.  And pictures.

  • Still lovin' long run Mondays-now morphing into Tuesdays because...
  • Riding trainers with an expert coach and motivating teammates on Mondays.  We're working hard and sweating it out
  • Swimming two-three times a week at my local gym, but totally adoring (and dying at)
  • An additional coached masters swim on Sunday at Whitworth pool
  • Group long rides on the weekend, followed by (blizzardy) transition runs and well-earned brunch
  • My loving husband bought me a power meter for my birthday :))  I didn't ask for it (directly) and I probably don't deserve it, but oh how I wanted it!  I'm figuring it out and it's keeping me honest
  • Skate skiing with teammates at Mt. Spokane
  • Coffee House Runs on Thursday
Dan, Nate, me, Steve, Linda

I'm a lucky girl!

me, Eric, and Jenn

Eric, Jessi, me, Meghan, Bryan, Adam, Jenn, and Mark

The muffins and me