Going Solo.

I stopped in the middle of a looooong hill climb to take this picture, for you, to enjoy the 
gorgeous scenery that today had to offer me on my ride.  You're welcome :)

After a ridiculously busy and stressful work week, added with completing my board duties for our triathlon meeting, I needed to get out and get some serious training in the bank.  I wanted the weekend to be made up of training, eating and sleeping.  A bit of fun was thrown in too, with some great friends, for good measure.  But basically, I left work on Friday and scheduled my weekend around my training goals.

Friday = an hour run to the pool, alone, in the sunshine + 1.5 hours in the pool completing sets of 500's for lots of much-needed focus on my technique
Saturday = 2 + hours riding my new tt bike on the northern prairie of Spokane, alone, sun & greenery all around
Sunday = 2 + hours riding my bike again + 30 minutes transition run, alone, another amazingly sunny-licious day

It is during the time I am going solo that I am completely grateful for my life.  For the greatness that is running and swimming and riding and just being able to do what I love to do.  For having the kind of people in my life that either understand or relate to this journey.


3 minutes.

Whitworth masters swim practice.
Monday night.
As promised from coach Kevin.
One Mile Time Trial.
I didn't complain when he called out our main set.
I had made up my mind to be positive and not show my self-doubt.
Remembered the last mile time trial, three months ago. 
Lots of practices since then.
More focused.
I swam steady.
I swam scared.
I swam faster.
3 minutes.


Shoe Fetish or Run Happy-ness?

At first glance of this blog post title, some people that know me will think I am talking fashion. Well, I guess I am, sorta.  However, what I'm really referring to is my newest shoe fetish, my Brooks running shoes/racing flats.  I am enjoying my second year as a Brooks Running ambassador, especially this year as I am a member of the Inspire Daily P.A.C.E. team!  In addition to having the privilege of representing a cutting-edge, clever, straight forward running company, I also get to revel in lots of perks including sponsored products, a coaching package, an additonal huge product discount, compted entries to certain races and invitations to some regional camps, events and parties.  Yahoo!

You know sometimes when you reach a slump in your training, and you just wish you could find "something" to pull you out?  You want this thing to light a fire in your belly, get your wheels spinning, or make you wish you had more time to train, instead of dreading the time you spend training.  Since I didn't take any time off from multisport training between seasons, I was in a slump with my running.  Which is a crazy drag for me, because running has been my "thang" for the past 20 years.  I'm not saying that I am the fastest, best or longest runner.  Just that I really loooooove running.  It is my friend.  But...I was not feeling it during December-January.  I still went out and ran, but I really looked forward to riding my bike, even inside (I know, puke) or swimming at masters.  The latter comment is a sure sign that my running needed a boost, I am not a "swimmer" per se, per any thing at all.  I do it because I love triathlon and at the end of each race, I get to run :).  The point is, I was in trouble with my running attitude and I needed help.

Enter my renewed sponsorship with Brooks Running.  When the beginning of February rolled around, I ordered three new pairs of Brooks shoes.  Since I received the Launch running shoes on February 1st, I have changed my 25 miles/per week running routine to 40 miles/per week.  The Launch is an amazingly light running shoe that can take you for a short 4 miles run or feel just as fresh for a longer 1/2 marathon distance.  I will wear these training shoes for all my distance running.  Running mojo intact?  You bet it's back!  I am keeping in mind that I also need to ride and swim 3x/week each as well, but I'll not focus on that for now.

The other two pairs of Brooks running shoes that I received are both racing flats, and both sweet looking shoes: The T6 Racer (red) and the ST Racer 4 (yellow/white).  Last triathlon season, I raced exclusively in the T6 Racer and loved every moment in those shoes.  Racing in the T6's is the next best thing to barefoot running, like nothing is weighing your feet down, but they are well-protected.  I cannot wait to wear them again this season.  The ST Racer 4 is a new racing flat for me, but certainly not new to Brooks' competition shoe line.  The ST Racer 4 promises to be just as angelic as the T6, but built to race distances beyond the Olympic triathlon.  Uh oh, are my goals showing?

While I am running more, I like to think that I'm not neglecting my other sports.  I'm only paying special attention to my favorite. Just saying that if you are in a running slump, maybe you need to get yourself some new kicks and get out there and kick it.  Check out www.brooksrunning.com