I Love Mondays!

Ready to run!
Mondays have lots of potential...a new start and new hope to accomplish goals, meet objectives, and tackle home and work obligations with renewed energy and vigor.  Typically and without planning to, Greg and I spend a portion of Sunday evening talking about the "big" tasks for the week ahead=> our training, work, and social schedules.  I like to map out my week on Google Calendar and sync that with my iPhone.  We're hoping to get Greg on board with that plan soon as well :)  So, lots to look forward to and little to complain about at the beginning of a new week.

Another reason I enjoy Mondays is because that is my designated long run day!  I find myself daydreaming about running while at work...where will I run, will I run with someone or listen to music, can I please run outside, what glorious winter weather will greet me?  Today was no exception - in fact, I probably spent more than a reasonable amount of time thinking and talking about my long run.  And I wasn't disappointed.  Greg and I ran a loop we don't normally do in the bright sunshine and crisp, icy weather near our home.   Lovin' it!

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